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How to use your hair straightener as a curling iron

There are two ways to use your Hair Iron as a curling iron. We suggest trying both and then deciding which works best for you and gives the results you want.

1st method

Just as you would with a curling iron, taking sections of your hair one at a time start at the end of the section, curl hair up towards the scalp, hold for about 5 seconds and then gently release the hair.

2nd Method

Again, taking sections, this time starting at the root, gently clamp hair and twist the iron around completely until all of the hair has gone between the plates OR twist the iron and pull it down towards the ends of your hair. This method is a little trickier at first but with practice it becomes a quick and easy way to curl your hair with your flat iron. Think of it like curling a ribbon with scissors, the faster you go the looser the curl, the slower the tighter.