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How to Clean Your Hair Straightener

Cleaning Your Hair Straightener

Cleaning your flat iron will help keep your iron working at itís best by removing any caked on build up from hair products. ALWAYS make sure that before cleaning your hair straightener that it is turned off and cool.

With a soft, dry, clean cloth gently wipe down the plates of your flat iron. Never use anything sharp to clean the edges of the plates as this will scratch the plates. If there is build up in the creases cover your fingernail with the cloth or use a dry cotton swab to get into the smaller sections of the iron.

Storage of your Hair Iron

When you are done using your hair iron always be sure it is unplugged and let it cool before storing it anywhere. Do not wrap the cord around the iron, instead, loop the cord together and secure with a twist tie or elastic. If you are travelling and taking your flat iron with you always be sure to let it completely cool down before putting it any type of carrying case or bag.